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The original court ordered online co parenting classes for divorce and parenting classes. Nationwide, court approved, judicial system certified security certificates.

Putting Kids First was the world's first online parenting and co parenting classes, and that is why Putting Kids First is the most trusted and recognized name for parenting and co parenting classes. With our judicial system approved, nationwide court accepted, certified security certificates. Putting Kids First website is totally secure and easy to navigate.

There is instant access to the online classes that work with all internet browsers and all mobile devices. Classes are available 24x7x365. With our award winning USA customer service, free attorney notification, and the highest level of website security available, Putting Kids First classes are unmatched.

Here are a few comments about the Putting Kids First classes:

I really want to let you know that I gained a lot of insight from your Co-Parenting class. I signed up for the class because it was court ordered but I'm so glad I chose your course. I learned so much about myself, areas that need improvement, and how I do have control over the way my communications with my son's father unfold. I am very confident that future communications are going to be much more civil and I'm not dreading having to contact him any more.

Thank you so much!

S. Walker - 05/27/2017

Just a quick note to let you know that I sincerely appreciate being able to take the parenting class online. I didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday, arrange for childcare, or deal with a long drive. Moreover, I learned a lot and feel reassured that I am handling things well.

S. DeVeaux

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