Putting Kids First ®


Putting Kids First mission is to help parents learn how to structure their family and renew their parenting skills to provide a secure, supportive, comfortable and structured environment to help their children blossom and grow. All children deserve happy childhood memories. For the child’s benefit we favor parenting education before and during marriage, as well as for parents who are unwed, separated, or divorced.

Putting Kids First was established in 1993 making it one the first parent education providers in the nation and in 2000 our course went online, becoming the first in the world. Since that time many others have tried, but do not compare with the excellence we provide in an online setting. This is an actual course designed to help parents really put their kids first, and not just a company that provides a certificate to meet a court order.

Putting Kids First has developed the Parenting and Co Parenting Courses to enable parents, stepparents, grandparents, and others to put their kids first. Our courses was written, and is updated annually with the help of Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Social Workers, Mediators, Attorneys, Clerks, Court Administrators, and Judges.