Putting Kids First ®


Putting Kids First Online Classes allow you to take the court ordered Parenting Class, Divorce Class or Co Parenting Class from your very own home, office or space. No bothersome faxing or mailing in your test sheets. You submit your answers online and your certificates are sent immediately.

No more having to make child care arrangements, no more rearranging already busy schedules and no more long, difficult commutes. The powerful, versatile and exciting Putting Kids First Online Classes were designed after checking out many state statutes, court orders and local rules nationwide. It allows anyone to participate in these Online Classes. This can be especially beneficial when a court date is fast approaching. Your certificates can be mailed or emailed, you chose on your registration. For those who are seeking to comply quickly with court orders, we offer many different mailing options. No having to call for different mailing options, select what you want when you register. You may Login to the Online Co Parenting Class or you may Login to the Online Parenting Class at any time and stay online for unspecified amounts of time. There is no limit of time that you are allotted to login, so the Online Class is designed for user convenience.