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Judicial System Certified, Security Seal Trusted, Certificates of Completion.

Putting Kids First Certificates of Completion can be emailed, making it the fastest delivery method, or mailed through the USPS (United States Postal Service). The Putting Kids First Certificate of Completion have been judicial system certified making them court accepted for your jurisdiction. We know what the judicial system looks for in a certificate with the trusted name of Putting Kids First, when opening your court file. Our certificates can be filed by you, an attorney, or easily e-filed.

There is no additional charge for email copies of the certificate. Email copies of the certificate can be selected on your registration.

If you choose the Mail delivery, speeds range from Standard Mail (7-9 days) or Priority Mail (2-5 days).

Deleted, lost or misplaced certificates can be be sent through email at no additional cost. They can also be sent through the mail for an additional charge.

If you feel you have not received your certificate through email, please check your spam/junk folder. The emailed certificate has an encrypted seal and some mail filters will withhold it from delivery. If that is where your certificate is and you request it again, it will definitely go to that folder again.