Putting Kids First ®


"Even though we are not going through a divorce this class helped me realize some potential problems and how to deal with them. I have a better understanding of all my children's feelings now and I hope to be a better parent."

"Putting Kids First opens up the way people do think and act. It makes you think of the kids where normally you wouldn't. It's a great program and it should have been around years ago. Great research."

"I thought at first I didn't need this seminar, because we get along already. But there were a lot of helpful things discussed that I really enjoyed"

"This is a good program, and it helps you understand things you can't see. Now I can change the things I was doing wrong and work with my children and help them understand."

"I believe every mother and father should attend Kids First. Even parents who are not going through a divorce."

"I realize that putting the kids needs first is the #1 priority and that not all parents do this - This program should be a must for all divorcing parents with children no matter what the age."

"I have only wished that this program was presented to my parents when they divorced"

"It made me see what I can do as a mother to help my children to understand, accept, and hopefully go on with our lives and let them know that we both love them."

"I feel better prepared to help myself and my child in dealing with divorce. I plan on using this material as a resource. This class is great. Thank You."

"Forces parents to confront sensitive issues - and makes you realize how divorce really does affect children."

"I'm glad this is mandatory. More parents (divorced or not) should go through a program about children."

"Thanks for all the positive aspects of being a good Co-Parent. My attitude will change when dealing with my child's father in front of my child as well as out of sight. Positive will be my key issue for my child's well being."

"We were ordered to go to this class through Juvenile court after our son got in trouble. Excellent program!"

"Your program is vital to the continued success of parents going through this difficult time." - L. Morris, Attorney At Law

"I have taken my sweet time to complete this class during the process. I found this a wonderful class of information. I thought I was handling my kids armed with empathy and understanding for their situation since I had been through it as a child. I learned that their emotions and thoughts run a much broader scale than I had expected. Using some of the tools from this class has been most helpful. Thank you!" - K. Summers, Participant

"I just wanted to say a million thank you's for sending the certificate so quickly. We thank you for your time, knowledge and quick response to out need. May God bless each and everyone of you at Putting Kids First . Keep up the good work." - D. Fannin, Participant

"I am a practicing attorney who just completed your online co parenting class. I found the class information to be very enlightening and helpful. Your class should be taught to family law practitioners as well as their clients. I normally do not give praise to a class, but it is definitely deserved." - G. Smith, Participant