Harris County Texas Court approved online parenting classes. Meets court requirements with the fastest certificates.

Putting Kids First was the original online parenting class and co parenting class, nationwide. With grassroots in Texas, Harris County was one of the first counties to add Putting Kids First to their approval list for parents going through divorce, as a means to satisfy the court requirement of the Texas state statute. Harris County Judges were quick to notice the value of the classes, and the ability to reach all parents through this interactive approach to fulfilling the court ordered requirement.

The website is available 24 hours a day / 7days a week. All materials needed are on line, you can register now and start immediately. You can do the class in sections....go on and off line as many times as needed, or complete all at once.

The Putting Kids First ® Certificates of Completion are sent through the United States Postal Service for one very important reason, security. Putting Kids First has a close relationship with the Harris County Texas Courts because we have met with the Harris County Texas Court Judges. Putting Kids First knows what the Harris County Texas Court Judges look for in a Certificate of Completion. That is why Putting Kids First has the only Certificate of Completion with an embossed seal. Each and every certificate is embossed, by hand, with a seal of authenticity insuring your Harris County Texas Court Judge that the certificates are authentic. Why go through the trouble of taking a 4 hour parenting class, just to get to court to find your Harris County Texas Court Judge will not accept your certificate from a company that claims to be Harris County Texas Court approved.