The Putting Kids First ® Certificates of Completion are sent through the United States Postal Service for one very important reason, security. Putting Kids First has a close relationship with the Court Systems because we have meet with the Judges. Putting Kids First knows what the Courts look for in a Certificate of Completion. That is why Putting Kids First has the only Certificate of Completion with an embossed seal. Each and every certificate is embossed, by hand, with a seal of authenticity insuring your Judge, that the certificates are authentic. Why go through the trouble of taking a 4 - 6 hour class, just to get to court to find your Judge will not accept your certificate from a company that "claims" to be court approved. You can choose from Standard Mail (7-9 days), Priority Mail (3-5 days), Express Mail (1-2 days).

Upon request, a copy of your certificate can be emailed or faxed while you are waiting for the original to arrive through the mail. There is no charge for email or faxed copies of the certificate. Email or faxed copies of the certificate can be requested upon immediate completion of the class.

You are mailed two Certificates of Completion. One to submit to your attorney or court, and one for your personal copy. All Putting Kids First certificates contain the name of the participant, the date the class was completed, state where the case was filed, county where the case was filed and case file number/cause number.

Lost or misplaced certificates can be sent through the mail for an additional charge.